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We build data-powered tools to help VCs recognize AI technology that can change the world. 

Analyze AI startups for their degree of technology innovation and their competitive edge.

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AI Venture Scout Newsletter

Feb 5 2024

AI Startup vetting begins with technology

Tech Cluster overview

Computer Vision

Field of AI focused on enabling machines to interpret visual data, advancing tasks like image recognition and object detection.

Natural Language Processing

Technology that analyzes, understands, and generates human language, enabling communication between humans and machines.

Generative AI

AI technology that creates new content, such as images or text, using deep learning algorithms and training on existing data.

Robotic Process Automation

AI technology that automates repetitive tasks using software bots, boosting productivity and accuracy for business operations.

Machine Learning

Field of AI, that utilizes pattern recognition and deep learning to enable computers to learn and make predictions based on data

Coming soon


Combines AI and physical bodies, enabling machines to interact with and understand the world through sensory perception and physical actions

Coming soon

How we work

Driving Early Stage AI through data driven insights

Data Collection
we permanently gather data from diverse online sources, including startup databases, social networks, and company websites. This rich dataset enables us to provide our partners with an all-encompassing view of the AI startup technology landscape.
AI Model
the techtrust AI model is trained with more than 1.000.000. deep tech datapoints from early stage startups and reliably provides information about deep tech market segments, start up technology focus and business applications. By continuously learning about the latest advancements we can provide you unmatched insights and updates about the rapidly changing AI technology.

Our Team is an ambitious endeavor, that strives to build the most accurate and precise signal-map for early stage technology. Our goal is to bridge the gap between technology and business. 

Our dedicated team of skilled data scientists and business experts specialize in translating complex data into compelling technology-insights.