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Next in AI for Health - Pioneer Spotlight

Affective computing in digital health

Kat Usop MSHI

New York Institute of Technology, Co-founder & CEO of Gina Health

December 6th, 6pm - 7.30 pm CET

Topic: Affective computing in digital health - opportunities to explore

The convergence of two cutting-edge fields of digital health and affective computing is propelling healthcare into a new era, where technology not only monitors physical health but also comprehends and responds to the emotional well-being of patients. This forward-looking lecture will delve into the potential of affective computing in redefining patient care, wellness, and mental health support.

Speaker: Kat Usop MSHI

Kat Usop, is a digital health innovator and a long-term globetrotter. She specializes in implementing gamification models in disease management, consumer health, and precision medicine. She has diverse experiences in the facets of research, development, and management of medical devices and de novo health technologies. Usop, who earned a Master of Science in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics from the University of Missouri-Columbia, was part of the genesis of gamified virtual workspaces for preoperative surgical training and communication using biomimicry techniques; in 2018, this effort was presented at Harvard Medical School amongst pioneers of VR and AR in health.

Consequently, she was able to drive her current venture, Gina Health, to become a finalist at the 2020 NC TECH State of Technology Conference for its unique design in gamifying a mental-health platform. She also contributed to the wearable (biomedical) data management and governance at Duke University-Biomedical Engineering. She was also fortunate to be selected as the youngest adjunct professor of risk management of medical devices at the age of 23.

Agenda December 6th

6 pm: State of Early Stage AI Update

6.10 pm: Kat Usop MSHI – Affective computing in digital health: opportunities to explore

6.45 pm: Questions & Answers

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AI in Health Pioneer Spotlight

6th Dec, 6pm – 7.30 pm CET, Zoom