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Next in AI for Pharma - Pioneer Spotlight

How AI disrupts Pharma: Natural Language Processing for Drug Event Extraction

Karel D'Oosterlinck

Ghent University | Stanford University

January 10 2024, 9AM PST, on Zoom

Topic: How AI disrupts Pharma: Natural Language Processing for Drug Event Extraction

The timely and accurate extraction of Adverse Drug Events (ADE) is not just a technical challenge—it’s a vital aspect of ensuring public safety. Historically, this process has been painstakingly slow and expensive, as it relies on manual review by medical experts. However, the introduction of BioDEX marks a significant leap forward. Our presenter will unravel how this large-scale resource, which encompasses over 65,000 abstracts and 19,000 full-text biomedical papers along with 256,000 document-level safety reports, is setting new standards in drug safety monitoring. Crucially, we’ll explore how Natural Language Processing (NLP) is employed to extract knowledge from the extensive BioDEX dataset, aiming to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of this process.

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Speaker: Karel D'Oosterlinck

Karel D’Oosterlinck is a 3rd year Computer Science PhD student at Ghent Univeristy – imec, in the Text-to-Knowledge (T2K) research group. One of his research interests is developing scalable ways of interpreting and explaining AI models (specifically Natural Language Processing models) in order to increase their usefulness and safety. Karel also focusses on delivering real-world value using AI; for example by working together with clinical experts to build state-of- the-art systems for crucial drug safety monitoring applications.

He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering at Ghent University with highest honors. For his M.Sc. thesis on “Design and analysis of domain adaptation systems for joint multilingual coreference resolution”, Karel was awarded the 2021 TomTom Prize for Best Engineering Thesis. He is funded by an FWO fundamental research grant. Karel’s work has been published in top-tier AI conferences such as NeurIPS, ICML, and EMNLP. Karel is currently at the Stanford NLP group for one year under guidance of prof. Christopher Potts.

Agenda January 10th

9 am: State of Early Stage AI Update

9.10 am: Karel D’Oosterlinck – How AI disrupts Pharma: Natural Language Processing for Drug Event Extraction

9.45 am: Questions & Answers

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Next in AI for Pharma - Pioneer Spotlight

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