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Last update: September 21st 2023 07:00 CET

Tech Cluster Overview

The Techtrust AI model gathers and analyzes early-stage AI start-ups data from diverse sources across the internet. Relying on over 1 million data points, our platform is on a mission to provide the most precise and up-to-dateearly-stage AI tech landscape.



Tracked Startups


NLP early stage


The overall size (number of companies) of early-stage AI technology subfields can be used as a measure to assess market maturity and competitive landscape for informed investment decisions.

Early Stage Funding


Total Funding

(bil. USD)

The overall funding size of early stage AI technology subfields can be used as a high level indicator to reflect market confidence and growth potential.

Innovation Dynamics


% growth of published

research papers yoy

The year over year growth of published research papers highlight provides an high level indicator for the innovation-  and research-dynamics of a certain technology field.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of AI that involves enabling computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language. NLP algorithms analyze and process textual data, extracting meaning, sentiment, and intent. It encompasses tasks like language translation, sentiment analysis, text summarization, and chatbots.

Tech Cluster Deep Dive

Last update: September 21st 2023 07:00 CET

Natural Language Processing Startups

Highest Funded NLP AI Early Stage Startups (funding in mio. USD)

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The charts’ information can be used to get a feeling for the Top NLP early stage start-ups and their funding status. As an early stage VC or angel investor, knowing about these top-funded start-ups helps gauge innovation trends and potential investment opportunities more accurately.

Natural Language Processing Business Domains

Top 5 Business Applications of Early Stage NLP by Number of Startups

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The charts’ information can be used to get an overview of the most prominent business application domains within the field of early stage Natural Language Processing, based on the number of startups. As an early stage VC or angel investor, understanding these top domains provides valuable insights into market demand and potential areas for strategic investments.

Natural Language Processing Startup Funding

Top 5 Business Applications of Early Stage NLP by Funding (mio. USD)

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The chart provides information about the leading business applications in early-stage NLP, ranked by funding. As an early stage VC or business angel, being aware of these top applications is crucial for identifying lucrative opportunities, understanding market trends, and making informed investment decisions.

techtrust business category description

Big Data =  Collecting, processing, and analyzing large datasets to extract insights and drive decision-making. Content & Communication = Creation, distribution, and management of content, and the platforms for communication. Manufacturing & Industry =  Design, production, and distribution of goods and machinery. Automotive = Design, production, and management of vehicles AI Infrastructure =  Development, deployment, and optimization of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Software Development = Development, design, testing, and creation of traditional software and applications for various platforms. Environmental Management = Disposal, management, and recycling of waste, ensuring environmental sustainability. Public Services = Functions, services, and operations of government entities and related agencies. Human Resources = Hiring, managing, and optimizing an organization’s workforce. Customer service = Interactions between businesses and their customers, ensuring satisfaction, addressing concerns, and providing assistance. Legal & Compliance = Law, regulation, and ensuring adherence to rules and standards. Finance = Management of funds, lending, investments, and other financial transactions. Transportation & Logistics =    Planning, execution, and management of moving goods, services, and people, optimizing routes, and ensuring timely delivery. Entertainment & Media =    Production, distribution, and consumption of various forms of entertainment and media content. Energy and Environment =     Production, management, and sustainability of energy resources and environmental conservation. Agriculture & Food = Production, processing, and distribution of food and agricultural products. Consumer Goods & Services = Products and services intended directly for consumer use. Marketing & Advertising =  Promoting and selling products or services, reaching new audiences and establishing brand presence. Real Estate & Construction = Property management, building, and the sale or leasing of real estate properties Cyber Security = Protection of computer systems, networks, and data from theft, damage, or unauthorized access, ensuring digital safety and security. Health = Provision, management, and innovation of health services, treatments, and overall wellness. Sports = Recreational activities, sporting events, and related products and services. Insurance = Risk management through policies that guarantee compensation for specific losses. Tourism & Hospitality = Services and experiences related to travel, leisure, and accommodation. Enterprice Products & Services =  Services and solutions tailored for businesses and professionals to optimize their operations. Education =  Teaching, learning, and the development of educational tools and platforms. Safety = Technologies and services focused on protection against threats and unauthorized access.

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